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Name : Dishank Jani

Dataset Description using Orange tool.
What is need to be done to improve the accuracy of classification result of the given dataset? Get the maximum classification accuracy possible by performing following methods.
o Encoding
o Normalization
o Missing value handling
o Feature Selection

Orange tool is a famous tool which is able to preprocess data efficiently in a easy way.

Here I have used Autistic Spectrum Disorder(ASD) Screening Dataset for Adult which contains 704 instances and 21 attributes.

This data set is a binary classification problem…

It is a NoSQL database. It is highly scalable and schema-free. It’s world most popular graph database management system. It is implemented in Java language and it can be accessed by other language using Cypher Query Language (CQL) through a transactional HTTP endpoint.

1. Flexible Schema — It follows a…

Power Bi is one of the best available tool for data analytics and visualization.

Power Bi unify data from many sources to create interactive dashboards and reports that provide proper insights.

Common visualization Features of MS Power Bi includes :

  • Clustered bar chart
  • Clustered column chart
  • 100% stacked column/bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Area chart
  • Stacked area chart
  • Ribbon chart

We can Download POWER BI from :

Firstly, we have to import data in POWER Bi tool using get data.

Orange is the open source data mining and Machine Learning toolkit. We can also utilize orange Data Mining library available in python to perform data processing tasks such as Discretization, continuization, Randomization and Normalization.

pip install Orange3

Above command is executed to install and use Orange3 data mining library.



In this practical we will compare different machine learning algorithms using Orange tool. Comparison will be made using various evaluation techniques such as F1, Precision, Accuracy and Recall.

In this blog we will discuss the comparison of KNN, Neural Networks and Linear Regression algorithms and compare using Cross validation and…

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